Pinpoint what a community is missing — then create a place that bridges the gap.

Just like every successful company needs a vision statement, every great real estate project needs a vision plan.

From developing food halls to building town centers, we understand what it takes to differentiate our projects from the competition. Let us design a tailor-made experience for your patrons. Let us help you craft the vision that will turn your space into a unique, highly sought–after gathering place.



Study the local market — then deliver an experience your patrons will crave.

You can put up a sign and hope to get calls, but if you want to create an environment that connects with your patrons on a personal level, you need a well–crafted merchandising plan. 
We are experts in designing tightly curated lists of Uses and Users for the leasing team to actively and purposefully pursue. Let us help you select a mix of tenants that are valuable, unexpected, and noteworthy.




Understand the existing culture and style — then design an interesting, relevant space.

The right design is the difference between good and great. We work as your liaison with every member of the design team (from architects to engineers to designers) to ensure that your vision is fully realized and consistently applied. All while keeping your budget intact.



Know the target audience — then tell a compelling story.

Effective branding and marketing begins long before your patrons ever cross your door. We help you guide your patron’s experience by carefully crafting how your story is delivered in person, on paper, and on screen.




Study local activity — then create engaging entertainment.

When it comes to engaging your patrons, events are key. We create entertainment atmospheres to help you capture your patrons’ long–term loyalty in an increasingly competitive world. From small, weekly events to large, seasonal marketplaces, let us help you structure events that work with your budget, maximize your patron’s shopping experience, and turn your retail project into a thriving, vibrant community.



Examine the needs and costs — then craft an accurate analysis.

Destination retail is run more like a hotel than a traditional shopping center. Understanding the proper hours, staffing, and services to provide to your tenants and patrons is critical. Communicating the true costs of (and benefits from) common area costs is essential for leasing success. We provide comprehensive analyses of the time, manpower, and cost required to fully execute your retail vision.




Identify tenants who enhance the vision — then proactively pursue them.

A good leasing plan should be thoughtful and well–crafted. We create unique lists of targeted potential tenants and actively pursue them, directing our efforts toward the kinds of tenants who work well together and create the right retail experience for you and your patrons. We offer leasing services for select projects and clients in Georgia, as well as leasing team oversight for those in other states.



Create a plan — then execute.

We manage all the components of retail development, from conception and entitlements though permitting, construction, lease-up and completion. 

But destination retail needs diligent oversight once built. Getting the first few months of operations right can be critical. We can assist you and your tenants in getting open and in making the small operational changes necessary to thrive.

Let us help you establish and track the proper metrics, respond to patron feedback, monitor operational hours and costs, and assist tenants in maximizing sales and profitability.